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Single store agent
1. With entrepreneurial spirit, strong desire for success and professionalism, we must have a good sense of brand management.
2. A natural person or enterprise legal person with the ability to independently assume civil liability.
3. Have a good social and business reputation and have certain business management capabilities.
4. Have certain economic investment ability and good reputation and mentality.
5. The partner must sign a supply contract for more than one year.
6. Note: If you are applying for an agent, please write a plan to expand the market first, fax it to the unit, and pass the unit for review and approval.

County-level general agent
Have a certain economic investment ability and a good reputation, and have a good investment mentality.
2. Pay agency fee (brand buyout) according to the agent regional market level.
3. Ability to set the target market expansion target (number of stores opened) to complete the sales plan.
4. Ability to implement the work and business requirements of the headquarters for the specialty stores.
5. Have basic logistics work ability and cooperate with the company to timely feedback the market.
6. Agent signing cooperation must reach more than one year.

(1) Call the hotline:0595-88888343
(2) E-mail:
(3) Communicate with us through the website in time.

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